Getting there

The airports nearest to Lipowa Dolina are located in Warsaw (Warsaw Chopin Airport) and close to Warsaw (Warsaw Modlin Airport, where you can get a bus (link) to Warsaw). If you arrive a day earlier and would like us to give you some advice on where to stay the night, please get in touch with us.

Although not all Polish people speak English, using the bus should not be a big problem for you, should you choose to travel by bus (You can find them here). Again, we can help you use the bus by giving you some detailed instructions.

We will be offering pickups from the bus station in Kazimierz Dolny, which are a short drive away from Lipowa Dolina, at certain times during the first day of the retreat. Pickups will be offered to participants who have informed us that they need to be picked up (please do so a few weeks before the retreat, if you’re interested).

It is also likely that our Sangha members who live in Warsaw will be able to offer at least some of you a ride from Warsaw to the venue of the retreat, so please tell us if you are interested in travelling with them.

Please contact us via-email at